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Cruise in Raja Ampat

Today, Raja Ampat comprises 9.8 million hectares of land and sea, an archipelago of over 1,500 small islands that surround the islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo, as well as the smaller island of Kofiau. Thanks to its great location in the Coral Triangle and its unique location between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, it now houses the richest biodiversity of the world’s oceans. One of the facts about diving in Raja Ampat is the best underwater world in the world. Nature Conservancy International surveys show that about 75 percent of the species live here worldwide.

The beauty of Raja Ampat is, to say the least, breathtaking and, like the mythical past, Raja Ampat is full of wonders, both on land and under water. Over 550 coral species, 1,427 species of fish and more than 700 different species of mollusks have made this an important epicenter for marine life. This is one of the few places on the planet where you can see a variety of marine life in their natural habitat..

An old legend in the Indonesian province of West Papua. It is said that four kings hatched from these four eggs and then ruled over the largest islands in the region. This archipelago was later called Raja Ampat (Four Kings).

Due to its unique location in the middle of the Coral Triangle, there are massive coral colonies around Raja Ampat. The high sea temperatures around the world make Raja Ampat one of the most eclectic biodiversity world and possibly the richest coral reef ecosystem in the world. This makes this place the ideal place for snorkeling

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